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Tug Toy

Tug Toy

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KONG Control Flex Tug is the Only KONG Company could create the perfect tug toy. KONG Control Flex Tug is constructed of tough KONG rubber, plus nylon KONG rings for strength, this tug toy has been built for comfortable, long-lasting playtime.

  • Constructed of tough KONG rubber with nylon KONG rings for strength
  • Special grip areas are easy for you and your dog to hold
  • Control-Flex technology prevents snap-back injury

Control-Flex technology ensures this toy won't snap back and potentially injure you or your dog.

Special grip areas are easy for you and your dog to hold. Let the tug-o-war fun begin!This item is recommended for small to medium dogs. Features KONG rubber grips and control-flex technology.

Very Important - No Dog Toy is Indestructible Supervise your dogs use of KONGS until you are confident they can be used safely without supervision

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